How To Choose Between Round And Cushion-Cut Diamonds

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Round and cushion-cut diamonds became popular as traditional options in diamond rings. They create the best option for you if you want a timeless look for your diamond jewelry. Both round and cushion diamonds have a large number of unique features that attract people. As both these diamond shapes can offer a classic look to engagement rings, a lot of people find it difficult to choose between them. If you are confused about choosing between round and cushion diamonds, then read along to know more about these stones.

Round Vs Cushion: An Overview

Round diamonds can add a classic look to any engagement ring. It is the most commonly used shape in diamond jewelry and is known for its timeless appeal. A round diamond is highly versatile and can fit into any ring setting. Additionally, it can suit everyone irrespective of the size and shape of their hands. It can also be worn with any other outfit, as it can complement other styles and designs easily.

The round diamond is the most brilliant diamond shape. It is known for the great shine it can create in comparison with other diamond shapes. The great brilliance of this diamond shape allows it to hide inclusions. Therefore, round diamonds can be suitable for people who want their engagement rings to be highly sparkly.

Cushion-cut diamonds also possess good sparkle, however, their brilliance is lower than that of round diamonds. They have bigger facets than round diamonds which slightly reduces their ability to reflect light.

Cushion-cut diamonds are known for their vintage look. Hence, if you are a fan of old ring designs, then cushion-cut diamonds can be perfect for you.

Round Vs Cushion: Comparing The Shape

Lab Grown Diamond Rings
Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The round-cut and cushion-cut diamonds have great differences in terms of their silhouette. Cushion diamonds feature a square shape when compared to the round silhouette of the former.

The facets of round diamonds are arranged to maximize the reflection and refraction of light. Cushion diamonds have larger facets that slightly diminish their shine. Also, they can show inclusions more clearly. If you want to hide the inclusions in your cushion diamonds, then it is better to go for the crushed-ice version.

Round Vs Cushion: Price

Cushion diamonds can be 25% less costly than round diamonds of the same quality and carat weight. Hence, they can be a good choice for people who are looking for affordable engagement rings.

Additionally, lab grown diamond rings are available for 30-40% lower price ranges than their natural counterparts. Therefore, choosing lab-grown diamonds for your jewelry can help to save a significant amount.

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