A Brief Guide On Metals You Can Use For Your Engagement Rings

Second-Hand Diamond Ring
Second-Hand Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

Just like the features of your engagement ring diamond, the metal of the ring also contribute to the overall look of your ring. It is common for people to research a lot about how to buy a diamond for their engagement ring. Before buying, it is important to study diamonds, but you should also not forget to study the ring metals. There are only a few options you can select for your ring metal, but remember that if you choose wisely, you can save a significant amount of money without compromising the beauty of your ring.

In this article, we are discussing various metal types you can select for your diamond engagement ring. Let us start with the most expensive metal you can use for your diamond ring, which is platinum.

Platinum Metal Rings

If you want your ring to be really strong, platinum is a fantastic choice. Platinum metal has a matte textured color and it may not shine as much as gold. Sometimes trace amounts of palladium or copper are included with platinum for many benefits.

Platinum can cost 40 or 50 percent more than white gold. It is very durable and can be used by individuals with an active lifestyle without the fear of wearing off. Now let us discuss gold metal and the different types of gold you can use to make your ring.

Gold Metal Rings

The most common type of gold used in making jewelry is yellow gold but there are other options you can choose. Rose gold and white gold are some examples. Let us look at the details of yellow gold first.

Yellow Gold

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Yellow gold is very popular and people have been using it commonly since the 90s. In the 1990s, people preferred solitaire rings and yellow gold was one of the popular choices for their ring metal. Zinc and copper are mixed with pure gold to make yellow gold. This gold retains the color of pure gold when compared to rose gold and white gold.

White Gold And Rose Gold

Silver, nickel, and palladium are mixed with pure gold to obtain white gold. When pure gold is mixed with copper and silver alloys, we get rose gold. White gold is very popular but rose gold is kind of new in the market.

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