When To Resize Your Ring?

Tension Setting
Tension Setting
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Different circumstances might demand resizing your ring. If you own a family heirloom that doesn’t fit you well, then resizing might be necessary. Also, if you have lost or gained weight, then you may have to resize your ring for it to properly fit your finger. Therefore, resizing your engagement rings might become necessary in different situations.

The following are some signs that imply your ring has to be resized:

If The Ring Comes Off With No Effort

If you notice that your ring comes off your finger with no effort at all, then it is a sign that your ring is loose. This can increase the risk of losing your ring. Hence, take your ring to a jeweler so that he can adjust its size based on the size of your fingers.

In some situations, resizing might not be necessary. Your jeweler might simply add some sizing beads to adjust the size so that it can fit you properly. This can be beneficial if the ring became loose because of some temporary issues like losing weight. Sizing beads can be easily removed when you gain weight again. This help to avoid the difficulty associated with sizing up your ring again.

If The Ring Spins Constantly

Your rings might spin from time to time, but if they spin constantly, then it indicates that your ring should be resized. Spinning rings are more prone to damage and getting lost.

If The Ring Squeezes Your Finger

If the ring is too small for your finger, then it can create great discomfort by squeezing your fingers. In this situation, you have to size up the ring so that it will fit you properly.

Can You Resize All Rings?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Even though resizing is possible for most rings, it can be difficult to resize certain rings. The following are some situations when resizing may not be possible:

Full Eternity Bands: Eternity bands will carry natural or lab grown diamonds covering the entire circumference of the band.

Tungsten Rings: This metal is extremely hard. Cutting a ring made of tungsten causes the entire band to break apart. Also, it cannot be welded together easily, as its melting point is too high.

Tension-Set Ring: Resizing can affect the integrity of this type of ring thereby causing the gemstone to get misaligned.

If you want to adjust the size of your ring temporarily, then it is better to avoid resizing it. Ask your jeweler whether it is a better idea to resize your ring. They might offer some alternative options if resizing is not compulsory.

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