The Tension Setting For Unique Engagement Rings

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If you want your engagement ring to be the talking point because of its unique and intriguing design, then look no further than tension-set rings. The tension setting can leave people wondering what on the earth holds the diamond in place! In tension-set engagement rings, the stones are held in place using the tension between the two ends of the metal band. However, the security of your stones won’t be compromised, as there will be small grooves drilled into the band to hold them. These grooves can offer additional security to your stones thereby preventing them from falling out of the setting.

The tension setting has several pros and cons associated with it. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages related to this specific ring setting.

Pros Of Tension Setting

  • Unique and elegant design
  • Modern and intriguing look
  • Enhanced brilliance and sparkle of the stone, as there is no metal covering the stone
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Secure and durable setting

Cons Of Tension Setting

  • Can be more expensive, as tension-set rings are usually custom-made
  • Difficult to resize
  • If an extreme force is applied to the ring, the stone can get dislodged

What To Know About The Tension Setting

Most ring settings usually hold the stones in place using prongs which are small metal claws. Some other ring settings like the bezel and channel use metal strips or channels to cover stones. But tension setting is the only ring setting that utilizes tensile forces to hold diamonds to the band. The tension setting is fairly new when compared to other ring settings.

In a tension-set ring, the gemstone will be placed into an opening in the shank where small invisible grooves will be created to hold the stone. Therefore, even though this setting might make your stone look like it is suspended in the air between two metal shanks, it can actually offer better protection for the diamond by securing it with the help of grooves.

Why Buy Tension-Set Rings

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

This ring setting can offer your engagement ring a modern, unique, and sleek look. It grabs attention easily with its modernistic and polished look. You can also get a wide variety of designs with this specific ring setting.

Even though tension setting might be a little more expensive than other ring settings, you can make it more affordable by choosing lab grown diamonds or other diamond alternatives.

But be aware that resizing a tension-set ring is extremely difficult, as it can affect the integrity of the entire setting thereby increasing the risk of losing the stone.

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