Best Ring Setting For People With An Active Lifestyle

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Vintage-Inspired Designs
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Engagement Rings

People with an active lifestyle should be careful when choosing their engagement rings, as the continuous hits and bumps can damage the ring. Therefore, it is important to choose a setting that can protect your precious gemstones from damage. Even the strongest gemstones including diamonds can be prone to chipping when struck with a hard force. So ring settings that expose these stones might not be a practical option for people with an active lifestyle.

But there are some excellent ring settings that can offer enhanced protection for your gemstones. Some of the best ring setting options for people who use their hands a lot are listed below:

Bezel Setting

The perfect option for people who value the safety of their gemstones is the bezel setting. It covers the stone with a metal rim so that the most vulnerable parts of the diamond including the girdle will not be exposed.

Also, the metal covering the diamond will take most of the blow even if a hard force is applied to the ring. This can protect your diamonds from chipping and cracking.

Another important advantage of the bezel setting is its modern appeal. If you want a sleek ring design that can offer a bold look, then the bezel setting can be a great option. Also, if you do not prefer engagement rings that are too flashy, the subtle glow offered by a bezel-set ring can be suitable for you.

The bezel setting is also suitable for all diamond shapes, which makes it a versatile option.

But there are some disadvantages associated with this setting. It can hide a major portion of the stone by the metal along with reducing the visibility and brilliance of the diamond. Also, your diamonds might look smaller than they really are because of the metal rim that covers them.

Channel Setting

Lab Grown Diamonds
lab grown diamonds

In a channel-set ring, the diamonds will be arranged between two metal strips that resemble a channel. This setting also avoids the exposure of the diamond’s girdle thereby minimizing the risk of chipping.

The channel setting also reduces the amount of light entering the stone like the bezel setting. Hence, the brilliance offered by this setting can be slightly lower when compared to the prong setting. But the channel that holds the stones can offer better protection for them.

In addition to bezel and channel settings, V-prong setting, flush setting, etc. can also provide improved safety for your diamonds. But if you are confused about selecting the right ring setting that can suit your lifestyle, then ask your jeweler for advice.

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