Things You Should Do To Protect Your Engagement Ring

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring For Your Engagement
Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring For Your Engagement
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

As engagement rings are to be worn for a lifetime, it is important for you to protect them in a better way so that they can last longer. There are some important things you have to do to prevent damage to your engagement rings. Some of them are listed below so that you can give good care to your ring:

Take Your Ring Off

Parting with their engagement rings even for a short time can be difficult for some people. But it is important to take off your ring in certain circumstances to give it better protection.

The following are some of the situations where you should take off your ring:

Before Going To Bed: You can accidentally hit your ring somewhere while you sleep. Additionally, the diamond can catch on things like hair or sheet during your sleep thereby making the prongs loose. Therefore, it is better to take off your ring before your bedtime and keep it somewhere safe.

Before Bathing/Showering or Swimming: Soapy fingers can increase the risk of your ring slipping away from your fingers. Additionally, the chemicals present in soaps and shampoos can damage your metal as well as gemstones. The chlorine present in the water is another factor that can affect the shine of your ring.

When Applying Lotions Or Creams: They can stick to the surface of the stone thereby reducing its brilliance. Additionally, the creams can get into the crevices of your ring thereby making it difficult for you to clean it.

When Working Out: The chance to hit or bump your ring is high when you work out. So it is better to remove your ring when you are working out.

While Cleaning The House: The harsh chemicals present in the cleaning agents can damage your ring. So avoid wearing your ring when cleaning your house.

Keep It Clean

Make sure to clean your ring regularly to get rid of the oil and dirt sticking to it. Use a mild cleaning solution to clean the engagement ring and avoid harsh chemicals. Cleaning it regularly can help to keep it brilliant, shiny, and looking new.

Get Insurance

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring can be costly whether they come with natural or lab grown diamonds. So make sure to insure it so that you can get compensation when it is damaged or lost.

These measures can be helpful for you to protect your engagement ring. Make sure to follow them so that you can protect your ring in a better way.

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